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Hey guys,

Recently I haven't been posting much, not because I couldn't post. Or because I have ran out of ideas. It's because i don't want to.

Rather than doing art for myself I have been doing it for other people. Over the past couple of months I have slowly been loosing interest in everything about the show and everything to do with it, I have been trying to draw more comics because of you guys and how much you like them... But I haven't got the motivation to do it. So it has come to this. Continue doing something I feel is a chore to do just to please a couple hundred people. Or do something I really want to do, which is draw what I want, when I want and not have to worry about anyone complaining about Pony Comics (of all things) being racist or other stuff... (yes i actually got that...)

I'm not going to draw ponies anymore. Or even comment about it... Or even watch it... I'm done with all of it... It isn't what I want to do.

So yeah. That is it.

It's been fun...

But it isn't so much anymore.
I didn't do the comic because every time I tried to photoshop my computer ran really slow. I reinstalled the OS and wiped everything (Backed it all on on my Hard drive) now it runs better.

I will bring some stuff out for you next week :)
Sorry for the slightly late journal entry. I went to bed a few hours after the comic was written so didn't have time to write it when I actually hit 200.
Also. I did have something prepared for this but it was lost when Chrome crashed.

Thank you guys very much for watching what I do. Every single watch and favorite i receive makes me extremely happy. It also lets me know that I should continue with what I do. It was just under 2 weeks ago that I hit 150 watchers, to me getting 50 watchers in half a month is awesome, I never thought I would be able to do it... Now. I'm sure some of you read the description in the last deviation I posted (White Isn't Your Colour) where I said I would have a few questions for you all. Well, here they are and I would really like your honest input...

1) Should I try to do longer comics in the future. Such as a really really long series?
2) Do you like how often I bring out comics and other material? Too fast. Or too slow?
3) Do you want me to show the makings of the comic in the form of a live stream?
4) Do you like waffles?

I hope to hear at least some feedback from all of this xD

Anyways. Thanks for 204 watchers! Hopefully we can get to 300 during next month, or maybe even sooner. Ive got a small list of goals in my head relating to pageviews and other things like that so hopefully some of those can get crossed off too! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful day. And thanks for the favorites and watchers!
*Scootaloooo :)
As I write this my watcher count has just hit 150! It is a big achievement for me to know that so many people have appreciated all the stuff I do and have decided to see what I do next.
Half way though last year I had a mega art block, I don't think I made anything for a few months, yet lots of you still sticked with me. I am happy to say that, that time is over! February 2013 has been the biggest month for me and has been the month where lots of my work has been submitted.

The whole point of this small journal is to give you a big thank you and to tell you what is next...

I am going to be bringing out more pony comics but this is only when I want to bring them out. But you can expect a few each month.
There will be a steady stream of vector based images (Not all of them pony) but that all depends on the amount of work I have at college.
You may even see more traditional art over the next month, It is soon my birthday and I am hoping to get some specialised pens for drawing.
I would like to branch into T-Shirt designs (MAYBE, VERY BIG MAYBE) Putting them onto red bubble and stuff.

And that is it really.
Again. Another huge thank you to every single one of you!
I wonder if I can hit 200! :D
Photoshop decided to crash whenever it opened... I redownloaded it several times and still nothing. So i am working on a CS6 Trail, i have 30 days and what appears to be no money.

Expect some Lyra soon :3
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Over the past two weeks my watchers has doubled and i thank you for this. It is late at night here so i am going to make it short. When i hit 100 Watchers i will do a epic artwork and i will stream myself making it from scratch. + I will allow 5 of my watchers to have their OC placed in it... Let me know what you think... 35 more people everyone so share me around :D

Thank you so so much! <3
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I have been thinking af what to do with some of my work i put on my Deviant-art profile back when i was new and to be honest had no idea what i was doing and have decided i would like to remove some of the more pointless ones.

Drop me a reply as i would like to find out how people would react to this... although... I don't think anyone would really care...

(Note) Things such as my first use of a new technique or a milestone drawing will be kept.
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Hey Everyone!

This is my first journal entry so i am going to keep it 'short and sweet' because I really don't like writing at all. It is comming up to my termly two week break from school. There are upsides to this as well as downsides, luckily for you, you wont get to experience any of the downsides. The upsides are that i will be able to focus more on my art and bringing you some fantastic vectors and drawings (As well as a little 'something something' i have been working on)

The downsides of this 'wonderful' two week 'break' are that i have four exams during it, this means i will be spending an awful lot of time on revision as well as my art and will be VERY stressed, and honestly these exams mean lots to me and so do you guys likeing my art. So whenever i feel like taking a break from studying i will probably be drawing a new thing for you guys.

Currently i have two vector projects going at the moment (One involving a cirtain musical mare in socks, and the other one is a semi suprise. Did announce it on twitter though if you follow me). But after that i will have nothing to do, and i will be taking free requests for anything you want me to do (EXLUDING R34 (drawing the mares all sexy doesn't count as r34 in my eyes)).

Oh look. What was meant to be a 'short and sweet' sentence or two has turned into a essay. Anyways. You guys are the people who keep me making this sort of art and i wanted to really thank you for enjoying the work i produce. It would meen the world to me if you brought more people to see my art.

Thank You all for such an amazing few months.
And a special thank you for my 31 watchers.
And an even specialer thank you if you read it all!

<3 Greavey

+Sorry for all the spelling errors. As i said. I'm not a good writer.

EDIT1: Actually have 32 Watchers ^^ Who knew!
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